About Us

About Us

Scotland has been the home to literary geniuses since time immemorial. Even contemporary authors are taking the literary world by storm. However, the Indian readers are to a large extent unaware of the prolificity of the oeuvre.  


To remedy this situation, BEE Books and Bloody Scotland, supported by British Council India & Scotland, Creative Scotland and Scottish Government, collaborated to launch Bridges Beyond Boundaries. As the name suggests, this project focuses on building bridges through literature beyond the physical borders and boundaries of countries. 


As a part of the project, contemporary Scottish literature is being made available to the Indian readers at a competitive price. Also, in the year 2018, Scottish authors will be visiting India to participate in the Kolkata Literature Festival. This collaboration develops new platforms; the Scottish titles contribute to the development of India’s cultural skill and open the gate to a wider variety of contemporary literature.


Digital Writers’ Lab under Bridges Beyond Boundaries aims to familiarise the readers with not only the works but also their creators.  Popular Bengali authors and bloggers will be in conversation on a given topic with their Scottish counterpart. Their stories and articles will be simultaneously published to show the similarity or diversity in their handling of a particular literary situation; thus, giving the readers an insight into the working pattern of their favourite authors. 


We also welcome contributions from our readers, the best of which we’ll try to publish on our site. 


If you are interested to write to us, please go to the ‘Contact Us’ page. Or email us directly at digitalwriterslab@gmail.com.

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